Minimum Standards Inspection

Minimum Standards are standards which each residential rental property in Victoria must comply with prior to a renter/tenant moving in. These standards were introduced with the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 and apply to any new rental agreement that started after 29 March 2021 or rolled over from earlier fixed-term agreements into a periodic agreement after said date. 

The rental provider must ensure that their house, unit, apartment or room, regardless of its age or condition, meets the minimum standards before being rented out to tenants. 

List of Minimum Standards for Rental Properties in Victoria:

The Minimum Standards constitute a list of basic requirements that aim to keep the property safe and habitable for the renter. The compliance standards are divided into 14 categories. All rental properties must meet the standards for each category. From lighting to gas safety and ventilation, these are the categories as described by Consumer Affairs Victoria


The property must have every external door secured with appropriate locks or deadlatches. 

Vermin Proof Bins

Rubbish and recycling bins must be provided to the renter. They need to be vermin-proof and meet council regulation standards.


All toilets must be operational and connected to a treatment system approved by the local council. 


All bathrooms must be connected to a reasonable supply of hot and cold water. They should have the necessary features like a washbasin, a shower or bath, and a shower head with a 3-star water efficiency rating. 


The kitchen must be functional, with a working stove top and a dedicated cooking area, and have a reasonable supply of hot and cold water.


If there is a laundry in the property, it needs a reasonable supply of hot and cold water.

Structural Soundness

The property must be weatherproof and free from major defects.

Mould and Damp

All rooms must be free from mould and dampness.

Electrical Safety

All electrical installations and appliances offered by the rental provider must comply with the electrical safety standard by engaging a licensed or registered electrician. 

Window coverings

Curtains or blinds are required, to ensure the privacy of the tenant and the blockage of outdoor light, in all bedrooms and living areas. 


The property must have every window that can be opened secured with appropriate locks or deadlatches. 


All rooms and common areas, including corridors and hallways, must be made functional with proper access to natural or artificial light. 


All rooms, including bathrooms and laundry, must meet the appropriate ventilation requirements of the Building Code of Australia to prevent the build-up of moisture and mould. 


The rental provider must ensure that the main living area has a fixed heater in good working condition that also meets the energy efficiency standards.


How can a tenant ensure their rental property meets the minimum standards in Victoria?

Renters should inspect a property to make sure it meets minimum standards before they sign a rental agreement. If a property falls below minimum standards during the term of a rental agreement, the renter can make a request for urgent repairs to meet the standards. 

Maintaining the conditions of the rental premises is always the best alternative to avoid any compliance or compensation orders by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Hiring qualified professionals to inspect the property and perform any repairs or replacements is the best way to prevent legal problems or jeopardize the safety of the tenant and property.

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The rental Minimum Standards in Victoria ensures that rental properties meet basic standards to guarantee the safety and comfort of the tenant. It is essential for landlords, property managers, or agents to comply with these standards before renting out the property to avoid legal problems, compensation orders, or jeopardizing the tenant or properties safety. Tenants also have responsibilities to maintain the property and report any issues promptly. Understanding and adhering to the Minimum Standards can help create a better rental experience for both tenants and landlords.

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